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Our Quest for Perfection

While some digital marketing companies offer services, we, at Branding Idiots, work to create experiences, where every small and big move is made to ensure that your brand hits the bull’s eye among target audience.

Envisioning Your Dream

Our every promotion, every banner, and every campaign has a highly skilled team putting their best foot forward. Not a single word, or a design element goes unscrutinized. And then, there are options and then some more, to help you take the right pick.

We Are Best At

At Branding Idiots, we help you translate your observations and insights into products and services by proposing innovative solutions.

Brand Launch

Each Brand Launch has a 360-degree plan charted out for a distinctive Brand Identity behind it.

Product/Promo Videos

Living in the age of Netflix has made us fall for the visuals better than anything else.

Brand Identity Design

We ensure that the Brand Collaterals are in tandem with the core values of your company.
Meet The Main Squad

Our success is a result of teamwork and building upon our technical expertise and creative style providing a full-service solution to our clients.

The Story of Branding Idiots

Jan 2018

A while back, when the founders of BI were just two people trying to set up their own retail company, they were struck with a commonplace problem - how to get the branding done? Although there were a lot of big branding agencies out there but all were too pricey to begin with and guaranteed no ROI.

Apr 2018

1729 Digital
The two of them decided to solve the problem themselves - they started with a Gaming App company trying to set their foot in the market. The great number of app downloads in the first 2 months was an achievement unlocked. They continued this as 1729 - 'ek saath dono'

Oct 2018

Something Big
The team of 1729 Digital grew to around 8, as amazing new clients came on board.

Dec 2018

1729 Digital to Branding Idiots
Idiotic Innovative Ideas is what our team lives by. So we needed a name that resonated well with our ideology. And hence, Branding Idiots.


Bigger & Stronger
Working with some incredible clients , we are happy that we could solve the commonplace problem and made branding an affordable yet creative service.
What Clients Say About Us

BI`s clients and their results are the best proof that our methodologies work.