Print Ads

Your brand’s presence plays an important role in setting up your business. Our team of experts will help you to manage your offline presence by advertising in Newspaper, Magazines, Radio, Flex Board Design, distributing business cards and brochures, organising seminars and conferences.

  • • We will build awareness in the local community (and beyond).
  • • Improve the branding of your business and the way it is perceived.
  • • Build a network with other businesses.
  • • Increase the sales of your product.

How Branding Idiots team can help?:
We will increase the popularity of your brand, escalate the sales of the product, generate ample revenue and maximize your profit margins. We can also help you to cover the gap between the service provider and the consumer by organising face-to-face interactions. In these interactions, you can easily build networking with your audience directly and thus will help you stick with them for longer period of time.

Print advertising:
Advertising in newspapers and magazines can help you to target a more specific audience. We will assist to find out which ones are commonly used by your target demographic. An advertisement in a well-established publication is likely to bring a good return due to the trust of the audience in the publication. Nowadays, people delete an email without even giving it a second glance, while a well-designed leaflet could sit in their homes for months. They might not be looking at it constantly, but it serves as a reminder of your company.

Business cards:
By distributing your company’s business cards, we ensure that you can capitalize on every business opportunity wherever you go.

Targeting people based on age and location via local radio station:
As radio still receives massive listening figures, we will advertise your brand on the local radio station which allows your business to target local areas. Radio adverts are generally repeated often throughout the day thus this repetition means listeners are more likely to take the information in and remember it.

Brochure can come in handy when you want to offer more information, so we will distribute your brochures with your brand information. We will also target local events where displaying your brochure could also attract local customers.

Seminars and Conferences:
Organising seminars, conferences and corporate tie-ups can target potential customers, where you can show off your products or services.