Promotional Material Design

We fulfil the need of every company’s ‘literature’, like brochure, pamphlet, flyer, catalogue, that does a careful and well-thought-out job of presenting its products and services. Our team assures that the design of the stationery materials reflects your corporate personality while maintaining a clean and professional look.

3 things to always keep in mind:
  • 1. A good and well planned and presented marketing material leaves a lasting impression in the customer’s mind.
  • 2. Print marketing is still an effective way to generate leads, make sales and meet other goals.
  • 3. The material can improve ROI by driving down costs, improving consistency, decreasing errors.

How Branding Idiot’s Promotional Material Designs can boost sales and build your brand recognition:

Focus on constant quality:
Consistent marketing efforts with constant quality are crucial to ensure that you reach your audience regularly, so marketing with brand consistency can help you to increase the revenue of your company. From emails and online ads to printed marketing materials, we will increase interactions between your businesses and customers in order to increase your business many folds.

Creating marketing materials to drive sales:
Our team will thoroughly investigate what kind of materials connect best with your audience as we want to create materials that aren’t only on-brand but that also provide the kind of information that builds trust with your customers, making it easier for them to support your business. In this, we will use different materials for different tactics like brochures to educate people on more involved services; easy-to-read postcards that deliver information fast; short videos in order to share on social media and email campaigns.

Compiling your information:
Your materials need to provide the right information to be effective, so our team will get everything you need ready to go. The type of information you will most likely need to get started includes your business name, your freshly designed logo, phone number, email address, website URL, business address (if you have one).

Create business cards for your company:
Well-designed business cards do more than just provide the names and contact information of your team, a great business card also showcases your company’s style and makes a lasting impression. Following are the points our company will focus on creating business cards for you:

  • 1. Adding images and text: Here we will create different artwork or images to fill up the entire card. We will further add a stylish yet easy-to-read text that matches your brand’s visual identity.
  • 2. Positioning elements on card: Smart Guides can give you a hand at aligning the items in your project in a visually pleasing way, so we will create the content of your card in such a way that will have a longing impression on your customer.

Creating and editing a promotional video: In order to increase your customers, our Branding Idiots team will make video footage by overlaying text and graphics including your logo in order to make your brand catchier.