ph plus

The brand ph Plus deals in Alkaline water machines, which is pretty much the type of water that all celebrities and sports enthusiasts drink these days. Alkaline water machines maintain the ph balance of drinking water which have the capability to drive out all the harmful toxins from the body while nourishing the body by providing proper hydration. The health benefits of alkaline water include improved digestion, relief from chronic headaches, better sleep, better skin, weight loss, reduced hairfall, better blood circulation and blood pressure, relief in diabetes and many many others.

The brand ph Plus was relatively new and wanted to tap onto the niche market with maximum reach through social media.

How Branding Idiots helped?
Given the nature of the product, ph Plus Alkaline water machine was a novel product in the market and we had to build their digital presence from the scratch. From building a brand identity by coming up with appealing creatives to designing and building a fully functional website for ph Plus, we managed their account from end to end. The website was very informative and any first time visitor on the website had plenty of creatives to look at. The idea was to help the visitors understand how alkaline water is beneficial and why everyone should have it for improved immunity and better health overall.

Event Support
ph Plus has gained a lot of traction digitally and has made a name for itself ever since. However, while the brand was still in its initial phase, we not just provided them with the best of digital services, but also pitched in for the on-ground exhibitions by creating attractive and detailed product brochures. ph Plus held a number of exhibitions to popularise their machines; the events spanned all over India, including Bangalore, Pune, Amritsar, Delhi, and Gurgaon.

The Result
Within a few months, the brand was able to tap onto the desired niche market and carve a presence for itself among urban Indians. Their market presence is equally proportionate to their digital following, which again helped them gain credible sponsors and distributors in various parts of India.