Plutus Consulting

Finance management, financial advice and managing money play a crucial part of any individual or business entity’s work regime. And this is where a taxation consulting firm comes into play, that makes the important and tedious task easy and hassle free as the professional tax advisors give just the right guidance in professional tax law, planning and compliance.

Plutus Consulting, is one such B2B taxation consulting company that aims to connect the people/ companies looking for assistance in taxation. The company that started with offering only accounting services, now caters to an array of domains like Corporate finance, Legal, Business advisory & Transaction advisory and Merger & acquisitions.

After being in the industry for around 48 years, as Plutus started its journey back in 1972, the company felt the need to re-born in this new era to be able to work closest to our clients and businesses of this century and hence decided to segregate the advisory and consulting arm to work.

As the company embarked on its new journey of restructuring, creating its niche and position in the market, as a new entity, was the need of the hour.

How we helped?
This is where Branding Idiots played its role. We helped the company continue to establish its brand value with the facelift.

To start with, we helped them create a brand identity and re-designed their logo to give the company a fresh look.

Then came the task of its online portal, the first thing a new user comes to, when he/she intends to know more about the firm. Considering this, we kept in mind the company’s role, aim, services and novelty, as we designed a brand new website for it.

The project, named Plutus Consulting, was designed in a way that it kept up the credibility of its experienced team, valuable services and trust of its clients. We chose a colour scheme that went well with the company ethics and style establishing it as a dynamic yet professional firm as we know that your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market. That apart, it gave an impetus to their online presence and business expansion plans.

When we talk about branding and market presence, the planning serves the base for the entire process. Our team of experts, came up with the best suited Brand strategy, Branding Guidelines, Website UI, and Services Navigation, that helped the company create a place for itself in the market. The right set of characteristics, benefits, and attributes defined the brand in the best way possible.

Branding Idiots believe that your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan…. it’s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service. And we work keeping that in mind.

Experience and Outcome
Plutus, in tandem with the BI team, successfully created a fresh, apt and a memorable impression on consumers. From advertising, to branding and creating a reputation, everything fell into place and worked well for the firm. In turn, it was a learning experience for Branding Idiots team as well, as we got an insight into how the process of taxation actually works!