From Make You Travel to Utazzo:
A well-established travel company based out of Delhi, ‘Make You Travel’ had four other business subsidiaries with various other names catering to corporate and leisure travel. The client wanted to club them together and put them under one umbrella brand, Utazzo, which went on to be their new brand name.

From Strategy to Execution:
From planning the rebranding to successfully executing it to bring all the sister concerns under one umbrella brand Utazzo, we did it all. How did we do it in a short span of time? Here’s how:

We formed a concrete strategy for the brand Utazzo to relaunch it and create brand awareness in the market. This spanned for over a month’s time. By the end of one month, Utazzo had developed a much stronger identity which automatically got converted into better sales. The other thing that we planned and developed for Utazzo were the visuals and reworked the Brand Story. Everyone wants to hear a good story. A story which is interesting yet simple to understand. And thus, our expert team of graphics pitched in and went that extra mile to bring on board some of the best visuals. This really scaled up the story telling process and turned it into a breeze. On our part, it took us getting into the nitty-gritty of the business to understand where they came from and where they were headed, in order to weave it into a visual story.

For the corporate clients of Utazzo, we helped the brand develop 5 really interesting videos of 1 minute each to showcase the rebranding process. We also kept social media platforms abuzz with a series of banners to create a sense of suspense among followers to let them know that ‘Make You Travel’ was in for some change. All in all, we helped Utazzo tap onto the untouched potential of social media marketing, which helped the brand be seen by its potential clients.

Social Media Buzz
The conceptualisation part was also one where we put in our best. The banners meant to go on social media platforms were well thought of in order to not let the surprise element come out, yet to arouse curiosity among followers.

Since the launch happened in phases, it was a rather systematic and sorted process. The pre-launch campaigns and the banners were a huge help to make the rebranding process a smooth ride. The transition from ‘Make You Travel’ to ‘Utazzo’ was a huge success. We built fresh social profiles for the new brand Utazzo. The brand reach and awareness for Utazzo was tremendous and the associated social handles gained a lot of traction.

Post Launch
In the post launch phase, we kept up with the building of brand identity through social media engagement. The existing clients of the brand as well as those who got connected with the brand after the rebranding, welcomed the changes. It all worked in favour of the brand and resulted in better clicks and likes as well as better follower count on social media.