Event Marketing

Events are special! They’re far more special for the brands which organize them with such zeal. They become even more special once you get a crowd that likes your presentation, products and services. A poorly marketed event can cost your brand its reputation, bring down you brand credibility, and portray you as a lagging company with poor quality products, and no enthusiasm. For all these problems, we are here to save your day! Live events are saviours of customer relationships in this age of digital era. Be it online or offline, we at Branding Idiots stand out as one of the best event marketing companies in India, and provide your brand with a team of expert brand strategy marketers who employ both inbound and outbound event marketing strategies to promote your brand, products or services through the event. Branding Idiots is the place to be for levelling up your brand awareness, customer interaction, educating customers and generating leads.

Why Makes Us the Best Event Marketing Agency:

Branding Idiots reserves a spotlight for your brand in a crowded market place by exclusive dedication to your events and combining event marketing and your digital campaigns. Live events are opportunities valued by customers to begin one-on-one interactions with your brand executives. We as a superior event marketing agency create unique promotional strategies to recite your brand story and connect you to your consumers for a long-lasting relationship. We help your brand in converting prospects into customers, in increasing attendance for your event and in generating leads and this is what makes us the best event marketing agency. After all, its all a game of numbers at the ends of the day.

Backdrop design:

Your event is all about delivering messages through your brand. Let your brand speak for you. A backdrop design holds a prospect throughout the event, it has to be detailed, with the right colour tones, fonts, visuals and boldness. Our digital marketing and event management experts create attractive and bold event backdrop designs according to your specific brand personality to increase traction. We as an event marketing specialist team, plug in various designs and visuals to raise brand reputation, and set forth a statement for your brand on the event.

Standee Design:

Standee designs are easy to place, are adequately educative and award a prospect with sufficient information exposure about your brand and the product, without any lengthy reads. Our experts in event marketing strategies and video marketing services ensures perfect creative designs to be used for your branding on standees, roll-up banners, or retractable banners. We know the right information to put in the right places with the right visuals for your banners to make the customers strike the deal for you!

Gimmick Design:

Branding Idiots is an innovative group of creative professionals to pursue the intersection of art and corporate personalities. We are guardians for all your ‘gimmicks’ of the event, we are bound to represent your brand personality that surely will make an appeal too good to be forgotten by any prospect! We at Branding Idiots believe in engaging in brainstorming sessions and producing a suitable brand strategy until your desired graphics are not produced for the event, and the event is all set to be launched for success.

Other graphic designs:

Your corporate branding as a whole is taken care of at Branding Idiots one of the leading event marketing companies in India. You don’t have to spend endless hours and countless money to land up horrifying and ghostly event marketers. We, at Branding Idiots work with your in-house team to ensure best ad design and exquisite designs for tickets, flyers, t-shirts, badges and other merchandise to give your business a brand personality to stand out as a leader in the crowded market place.



They are a bunch of Young Minds with very fresh ideas and creative approach. They know how to satisfy the needs of their clients and they go miles to do that. I really like their creative team. More than anything I like how humble they are. I approached them 3 years ago and since then it’s been an ever lasting relationship with them.

-Ashutosh Dwivedi

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-Prachi Dwivedi

Great work. Awesome evaluation of the client requirements.

-Kshitij Bhatia