Content Strategy & Management

With the help of the right resources and software in place, we manage the creation and placement of all digital content. Our company’s content strategy and management include governance, content management, audits and taxonomies, general marketing, communications, and information technology.

Branding Idiots will help you have a modern approach to creating, managing, annotating, and delivering content.

Our team will also help your business in improving your strategic decision-making and to avoid costly blunders in the acquisition or the implementation of technologies.

We have interrelated content technologies available for every size and type of business. These include Web content management systems, digital asset management systems and so on. With so many systems in the market nowadays, companies often have difficulty differentiating which product is the best fit for their particular business needs, therefore Branding Idiots will help you choosing the right direction.

We will also help you make the best choice for your company in terms of building your product, its marketing, defining your enterprise content strategy, choose the right content management system, build customized solutions when necessary, and ensure that your website makes a lasting impression.

We will work with your team to define the short term and long term goals surrounding content creation, management and delivery for your enterprise. We will assess business and functional requirements as well as technical constraints. We will evaluate your current infrastructure to determine whether building upon or extending the existing environment is an option.

How Branding Idiots will manage your company’s content strategy:
Understand your organisation’s objective:
we believe that Content strategy starts from an objective and thus plan our content strategy according to that.

Understand your audience:
it is very important to know your audience; therefore we will focus on taking their views and thus observe them and find out what are their needs and demands, which further, help you to grow your business by increasing your products demand.

Understand the psychology of your company:
we will try to understand what you need to accomplish and envision what kind of content will achieve that goal.

Iterate your content:
When your audience interacts with your content, observe. Here we will perform this execution-iteration sequence many times in order to know how your audience reacts to your product so as to make it better.

Publish your content:
Now with the above strategy points we’ve learned what works best for your company, thus will create a full strategic content needed for your organisation.